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May 29, 2009

Vegas, baby!

Las_vegasWow, it’s been ages! I’m sorry for neglecting you, blog. Don’t leave me.

We’re still here, alive and mostly, basically well.

F and I spent a weekend in Vegas with friends recently – it was my first trip there. And my first trip anywhere in far too long. We left Mads with the grandparents for 4 whole days – which, apparently we didn’t need to do. Vegas, it turns out, is jam packed with babies. Babies strolling through the casinos in the wee hours, babies sweating in the 100 degree heat, babies hanging out poolside knocking over their moms’ margaritas. But not Mads, she stayed home. That was half the point of going, really.

But wow, I missed her. I had a picture of her grubby, adorable little face propped on the hotel room table and far too many of our conversations were variations of either, “What would Mads think of ___?” or “Remember that time when Mads ___?” Then we’d drink our wine and gossip about how awesome she is (ie – way more awesome than the kid at the pool that morning, or the one napping by the slot machines the evening before). We’re very mature that way.

As happy as she was to see us when we got back, I have a sneaking suspicion she’s now making us pay for our absence. Through conversations like this:

Mads: “I’m just going to jump on the bed, okay?”
Me: “No jumping on the bed, Maddie.”
Mads (climbing on the bed): “But I NEED to jump on it! I’m just going to jump on it. How about 5 jumps?”
Me: “No jumping on the bed, hon. You know that.”
Mads (standing on the bed): “How about 11 jumps? I’m just going to do 13 jumps.”
Me: “How about NO jumps? Off the bed please, Maddie.”
Mads: “How about 39 jumps? 39 jumps, okay? Okay, good! 1, 2, 3… (jumping now).”

She thinks that if she says, “Okay? Okay!” then that means we’re in agreement. I pulled her off by the time she got to four. By the time she got to 13 the counting would have gone a little haywire: “14, 11-teen, 30, 7, 20, 105, 11-teen, 14…” God knows how long it would’ve taken before 39 actually popped up in there somewhere.

But back to Vegas: How crazy is that town? Holy moly, as Mads would say. I left feeling boozy and sleep-deprived and entirely overdressed. It was a warm weekend, but wow - these girls were half naked! And I just firmly believe that it is never so hot that a guy has to walk down the street wearing anything mesh – or worse yet, carrying his T-shirt. Meanwhile there I was in my knee-length skirts and tank tops looking like somebody’s mom.... Oh. Never mind.

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May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

41jUzAF4DoL._SL500_AA280_Big news: I'm getting married!!

Okay, technically I'm already married (hey, F). But Mads asked me to marry her last night and hell, I could do a lot worse.

Our 10 billion or so (I'm guess-timating) viewings of Mama Mia have left her a little bit in love with weddings: The big party, the pretty dress, the twinkly lights, the drunk dancing on tabletops. She also knows more than she probably needs to about paternity disputes. "Who's the Daddy?" is sort of an odd theme for a musical, no? But I digress.

Much like the night F proposed, when we were sitting on a moonlit rocky beach and he popped the big question and I laughed and said, "You're not serious?", my heart broke a little bit in a happy way when Mads asked if we could get married. Everything out of her mouth these days is so insanely adorable that it makes me want to squeeze her and never let go.

(Well, almost everything. For some reason she's starting to sound like a Valley Girl, peppering her little sentences with "like" and "totally." She was telling me a story, something about a trip to the playground and a very twisty slide, and it ended with, "I was, like, totally fweaking out. I was, like, fweaking, Mommy." Actually, even that is pretty cute.


The other night I found myself doing something I haven't done in ages. Before I went to bed I for some reason snuck quietly into her room and sat for few minutes while she slept. It was like something right out of I Love You Forever - only I didn't drag her out of bed to rock her because I'm pretty sure she would've knocked me one - and given my dislike of that book I'm not entirely comfortable with the comparison. But to see her so peaceful and small, the blankets kicked off and her thumb hanging out of her mouth, it was a nice reminder that she's not growing up as quickly as it often seems.

Wishing you a blissfully relaxing Mother's Day - I'm sure you've earned it!

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