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June 06, 2009

Misadventures In Potty Training

W4105b I'm sitting in the early morning sun as I write this, basking in the warmth and relaxation that only a very lazy week-long vacation can bring. Meanwhile, poor F is probably toiling away at home on The Great Renovation Project, phase 1,465. You may be noticing that this is sort of a running theme in our marriage: When there's work to be done, Mads and I hightail it out of town. I'm not exactly sure how - or if - we actually settled on this arrangement, but it works for me.

If there was one low point of this little break of ours, it's that way, way too much of it has been pre-occupied by poop. Because unfortunately, the Great Potty Training Project continues as well.

I'm a worrier. It's just what I do. I fret and stew and pace and plan and scrap the plan and pace some more and plan again. But in my short career as a mom I've come to see that with just about every new challenge, the anticipation is far worse than the reality. Ditching the bottle? No problem! Moving to a big girl bed? Easy as pie. Then just as I'm starting to think I kick ass at this Mommy thing, along comes potty training. And even though I knew it would likely be a struggle, it turns out to be so so much worse than I'd ever imagined.

I've lost track, but I'd guess we're on day 100 or so of potty training. The girl is a total champ when it comes to peeing, but good god the other bit is testing my sanity. Bribes, charts, stickers, rewards: You name it, we've tried it. Without going into too much detail - because she does deserve a bit of potty privacy, and you might be eating breakfast - I now know far more than I or anyone should ever know about bowel movements.

And I'll leave it at that.

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