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December 13, 2009

On baby names and bowel movements

IMG_6396 Today started as most lazy Sundays do: With a fun description of the #2 that was left in the potty. "It looks like a canoe!" Not my favourite way to begin the day, but if poo similes come with the potty trained package, I'll definitely take it. 

F is off to work so it's just me and Mads this morning. She's eating her waffles - frozen, obvi - and fruit salad, which gives me a couple of minutes. Confession time: Breakfast is being served in front of the TV. As it is on many days. She's watching her Bobs & Lolo DVD, listening to a couple of Canadian girls sing catchy tunes about recycling and bike rides and weather systems. She loves them, and I love them too because they make me feel a little bit better about the fact that she's parked in front of the TV right now.

Things have been good. Crazy, which is the usual for December, but good. The pregnancy is chugging slowly along - we reached the halfway point yesterday. Woo hoo! I am feeling remarkably normal, but for the occasional emotional breakdown when I walk by the liquor store. I plan on sneaking a cheap Reisling into my hospital bag.

We finally told Mads the big news that she's going to be a big sister. I think it went pretty well. She doesn't give it much thought, other than to occasionally ask, "When is my little girl coming?" For the record, we don't know - yet! - if it's a boy or girl, but Mads seems to. She's even suggested a few names: Cinder (short for Cinderella. Cute, but it seems too well-suited to a porn career), Ho (ruled out for obvious reasons) and Rosalina. 

Well, the waffle reprieve has ended and just in time - outside our window the year's first snow has started to fall. Time to bundle up and have some freezing cold fun.

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December 02, 2009

Dear Santa

Phpi72WhoPM Dear Santa,

I'm Maddie, Santa. I am in Canada. I like to play trains. Me and Bampa like to play trains. I go to soccer school-days and the teacher Shelley read a dinosaur story the first day we went to soccer school.

I gave my ABC toy, a butterfly, a froggie and a monkey, and teddy bear puzzle away to other kids. Can I please have a Cinderella and a Prince - and Santa has to make it.

We have dogs, Santa. Be careful!

Love you,

Maddie (I am 3)

Mads' first ever letter to Santa. Composed by her, transcribed by me. Sniff sniff.

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