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December 06, 2010

Maybe I'm just a judgemental bitch...

I wrote a little thing recently about a particular playground pet peeve of mine: Kids climbing up the slide while others are waiting to go down it.

This isn't exactly a matter of earth-shattering importance and it was meant to be a lighthearted little post. One thing I should've learned by now, though, is that when it comes to parenting even the tiniest of issues can turn into a shit storm pretty quickly.

So while many moms agreed with me there were others who... well, didn't.

As one put it, "It’s pretty obvious that you don’t have a whole lot of concerns in your life.... Have some compassion and realize that a pretty large majority of moms have way more to worry about in their lives besides their kid climbing up the slide."

Ouch. Well said and point taken.

But wait a second... I'm not Judgemental Mom!

It's not like I'm exactly sailing through motherhood over here. Are any of us? Our struggles may not be the same or in any way equal, but they're still struggles. I think we'd be hard pressed to find a mom who pats herself on the back at the end of every day and thinks, 'Wow, I'm totally kicking ass at this fun, easy and yet incredibly rewarding job. Yay me!'

So yes, it drives me kind of crazy when your kid climbs up the slide, just like it probably makes you a bit bonkers on the inside when I let mine take her sweet time getting on a mall escalator. But I'm not about to hunt you down and toilet paper your house over it. It's not a condemnation so much as it is an observation, a confession, a bit of levity after another very long day.

Or maybe I really am just a judgemental bitch...

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December 04, 2010

Six months and counting

So we've passed a pretty massive milestone: Six months. The 6-month mark is like the holy grail for me. I have a baby and then it's down with the head and in with the heels and we trudge along until we finally get to 6 months and I dare to look up, take a breath and enjoy the view a little.

So here we are and the view is... not bad, actually. We're currently enjoying a reprieve from teething and A has just started sitting up on her own. She faceplants on occasion, but doesn't seem to mind it. She's already getting to be a rough and tumble kind of girl thanks to her big sister's aggressive affection. "Flying kisseesssss!" Mads yells as she comes running from the kitchen and dives at her with outstretched arms. Battered down by love. A is lucky to survive it, really.

Best of all, though, we're beginning to see glimpses of a schedule. Our days are starting to make some sort of sense again: A's up, fed, Mads is up, fed, get everyone dressed, take Mads to school, A naps (hopefully), A's up, fed, pick up Mads, lunch, A to nap (hopefully), Mads to "quiet time" (hopefully), A's up, fed, Mads is up, snack, A's fed again, A's bath, Mads' bath, A to bed, Mads is fed, Mads to bed, absolutely gigantic glass - okay, vat - of wine for mom. Throw in some dress-up, train track construction, diaper changes, tacky craft projects and a stern talking to now and then and you've pretty much got our day. Day after day after day.

It's monotonous, sure, but at least there's some rhyme and reason to it all. I'm just not one of those moms that can happily meander through the endless hours with a new baby, popping boobs in and out all day long, catching cat-naps here and there, never really knowing what will come next. I get all itchy and aggravated just thinking about it.

We run a tight little ship around here, but it works for us. Here's hoping for some smooth sailing ahead.

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