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May 10, 2011

Major milestone alert!

Drumroll, please... my baby is officially 1.  

Just typing those words, I feel a weight lift off my shoulders.

The first birthday marks a giant step toward a place where things start to make some sense again. It means we've made it through that minefield of baby-dom, with its utter exhaustion and endless crying (hers, mostly) and rolling waves of anxiety (mine, entirely).  

Wow. If the folks over at Pampers read this they're going to want me to write their next ad campaign: "Your baby. Keep her dry as she crushes your will to live."  

But she's a doll, our baby A, with her big, sweet eyes and a smile to match. Sometimes it feels as though she just radiates everything that is good in this world: Joy and fun and curiosity, love and trust and innocence. Nothing bad has ever touched her: No hurt feelings, no broken promises, no broken hearts. I know it's probably wishing just a bit too much, but wouldn't it be nice if nothing ever did?  

It's an incredible thing, being a parent. With all of our own flaws and doubts and struggles we somehow create these little beings that are, for now, so perfect and precious. Part of you just wants to show them the world, to thrust them into life with all of its beauty and heartache. And the other part wants to build a cocoon around them, to hold them to you: Warm, safe, loved.  

I'm not quite sure how we ended up here together, but I'm grateful that we did. Whatever the obstacles, the ups and downs along the way, I'm honored just to know these two girls of mine.  

ps - As you can see, Amelia loved her first-ever cake.

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