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October 07, 2008

A little laughter never hurts... except when it does

I have this almost-vivid memory of sitting in church as a kid. It must have been Christmas Eve, because my outfit involved an appalling amount of velvet. I don’t remember what exactly my brothers were doing to make me laugh so hard, I just know that I was literally shaking, tears on my cheeks, fingernails dug hard into my hands in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the occasional snorting burst of laughter that exploded from me like gunfire as my mom shot us all the death glare. It would have been better if I’d just laughed and been done with it, because by fighting to hold it in it must have looked like I was in the throes of some sort of seizure.

Anyways, I was reminded of that first thing yesterday morning as I sat at my desk reading this.

A friend sent it to me and it is an instant classic - so take a 2-minute time-out of your own today and enjoy!

Here it is.

In other news, Mads has taken to calling me by my first name. Awesome. But more on that later...

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Wow - just. wow. That thing should be in the Smithsonian.

And holy cow, 633 comments! I have a new hero.

Thanks for sharing. I really, really needed that!


Posted by: Em | Oct 7, 2008 7:32:07 AM

Thanks for stopping my SITS!

Your blog is great...love your writing style.

I laughed out loud at the post below.. taping a song. Funny, that our kids will have no understanding of cassette taps or the bright yellow walkman we used to listen to them!

Posted by: SITS Girls | Oct 7, 2008 9:11:37 AM

Love it!! Did you see the matching shirt for after the swim, in the inset photo for the last swimsuit set?? That's taking coordination a little too far!!

Can't wait to hear the name story. :-) Don't worry, Kaia calls me by my first name too. In fact, she yells it at the top of her cute little lungs - JENNNN-i-FERRRR! Of course we laughed the first time she did it, so now I'm sure I'll never hear Mommy again! :)

Posted by: Jennifer | Oct 7, 2008 6:28:09 PM

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