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October 16, 2008

Like Eddie Murphy, back when he was funny

Parents tend to go on and on about the supposedly hilarious things their pint-sized comedians do. You know what I’m talking about, you’ve surely heard the stories: “Yesterday she picked up her purple bedazzled Croc and started talking into it like it was a telephone! She ordered a pizza! Can you imagine?” or “When I asked what he wanted for lunch he said, ‘Chicken Poodle Soup.’ That’s what he calls it! Oh, I just about died.”

N548797673_1987990_7410 Before I had kids of my own, these stories would seem… cute. Adorable, even. But hysterically funny? Not so much. Let’s just say they didn’t leave me rolling in the aisles.

But now, I get it. Now I’m the one telling these stories, laughing so hard I get a stitch in my side while the person I’ve trapped in the lunch room nods and smiles and says something along the lines of, “Aww.”

Mads is, to me at least, a total riot. My mom has a theory that the world is a little short on laughter – as Alan Alda says, “People generally aren’t killing each other when they’re laughing” – but I think that we meet the quota with Mads around these days.

Sometimes I wish I could stick a flashlight in her ear and take a peek at just how her little brain works, just how these odd comments end up coming out of her 2-year-old blueberry-stained mouth.

Like the other day when we were out for a walk and as she pointed out every speck of garbage – “Garbage here! Garbage here! Garbage way over there!” – her sniper eyes spotted dog turd. She cracked up and said, “Eww! Noo Mommy, I don’t like dog poop in my mouth!” As though I had suggested it as a mid-morning snack. Huh? I crossed my fingers that she wasn’t speaking from personal experience and left it at that. I would imagine dog poop is something of an acquired taste.

Ah, life with a toddler. Laughing until it hurts one minute, pulling your hair out the next.

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dog poop...that made me laugh...what?

Posted by: brandee | Oct 17, 2008 11:15:46 PM

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