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October 10, 2008

Me against the music

Img_3787_5In preparation for Round 812 of renovations, F spent a couple of hours cleaning the ballroom last weekend. Before you go getting the wrong idea, the term "ballroom" is a bit misleading. You may be picturing a grand space with shimmering chandeliers where I while away the hours in my debutante gown. In fact it is a tiny room under the stairs with no walls to speak of where my dad would hang the netted bags of soccer balls after practice when we were kids. Thus the name, the ballroom.

Anyhoo. F was cleaning it out and unearthed the box of old tapes and CDs that I have never quite been able to part with. There are some gems in that there box: The NKOTB Christmas album (featuring the vastly under-appreciated "Funky, Funky XMas"), a Soul II Soul cassette single, a Queensryche tape, and of course my beloved Lisa Loeb firecracker CD.

Lisa Loeb provided the soundtrack to my angst-ridden early 20s. Well, to be honest they weren't actually all that angsty. I was going to university, dating F, slinging espresso part-time, living with my parents. They weren't the hardest of times. But I do remember slamming way more doors back then than I do now, so something must have been pissing me off.

I admit, listening to the CD again this week, it didn't cut to the core quite the way it did back then. I still liked it, but when I was 21 and Lisa sang, "You can't stand in front of an oven, cause it's warm, and the fumes are dangerous," I pumped my fist in tearful solidarity. Now my first thought was, Is that oven open? Are we trying to heat the whole neighbourhood?

Ah, how times change.

These days I'm not allowed to listen to much other than "Choot Choot Chugga Chugga" or Raffi. My backseat driver is very vocal and near violent when it comes to our choice of travel music (to quote: "Nooo! I don't want this song in my ears!!")

Speaking of my pint-size dictator, it's been a while since I've posted a pic, so here's one from a recent playground run... loving the camera, as usual.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone North of the border! I'm attempting a turkey, if you can believe it.

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Ah, love me some Lisa Loeb - "Stay" still sums up my feels from the mid 90s. And I completely adore "I do."

I always wanted to be brave enough to copy her eyeglass flair. Maybe next prescription.


Posted by: Em | Oct 11, 2008 10:30:53 AM

Do you use the word "debutante" in your day to day vocabulary? It made me laugh out loud.

I got this extremely glamorous image of you in a sweeping gown, sparkling all the way down to the floor as you made your breakfast toast. haha!

Posted by: michelle hays | Oct 11, 2008 8:07:19 PM

Michelle - Your description cracked me up! That is actually just what I picture, too. :) I don't use "debutante" near enough. I will have to work on that...

Posted by: Carolyn | Oct 11, 2008 8:20:17 PM

ahh, lisa loeb...you're bringing me back care!

Posted by: brandee | Oct 15, 2008 9:53:33 AM

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