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July 09, 2010

Good morning, sunshine


So here's what I've learned today. 90 degree heat and a baby that does not want to be put down: These are two things that do not go together. After rocking, jiggling, bouncing and begging A for 2 hours this morning I was literally dripping with sweat, not to mention the stench of sheer frustration. I peeled her off of me and deposited her in her crib - wide awake and silently mocking me - so that I could take a 2-minute time out and a freezing cold shower.

I'm sure many of you have had this exact experience many times over. Those who haven't yet had the pleasure may be thinking, eh, 2 hours isn't that long. Let me tell you, IT IS LONG. It's a good movie, a great conversation, a hard-earned glass bottle of wine. It is a long, sweaty, mess of a time.

And then part of me thinks (and I blame those damn Huggies commercials for this), What's so bad about rocking my baby? I'll miss this time when it's gone. But you know what, I don't really think I will. I really haven't ever looked back and wished for these moments back with Mads. There are certainly passing moments I've longed to have back, but all of this doesn't really make the list.

I've missed her splashing around in her little baby tub, her chubby little arms around my neck, those gummy open-mouthed kisses. I've missed all of those wonderful firsts: Smiles, steps, words, rainbows, puddles, discoveries. I've missed that brief moment in time when absolutely everything was new to her.

The good thing is I have all that to look forward to with A. I guess it'll just take a few more hot and frustrating mornings before we get there. 

(Thanks to all of you who leave little comments here and on facebook... it makes me feel slightly more normal knowing that you all get it.)

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So getting married and getting a job depends on the benefits?
Its unfortunate anyone has that mind set. Its all about benefits. Well, if Obama gets his way I would like to know how you feel about free health care...you know health care that pays all doctors the same? Getting married for benefits is a sad thing. Not love but WHAT YOU CAN GET.

Posted by: Glenda | Nov 3, 2010 11:07:48 AM

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