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March 30, 2012

Happy birthday, Mads!


Time flies.

Well, at first it creeps. Up every few hours, staring at the same four walls, listening to that same tiny wail. Day into night and then back into day again. At first It's painfully slow.

And then somewhere along the way things start to pick up and suddenly she's walking! And talking. And talking back. The first playdate rolls into the first day of preschool and then on into kindergarten and before you know it she's asking, When can I walk to school with my friends? Meaning, without you.

And suddenly she's 6, my sweet baby girl who turned everything upside down and inside out. But before too long we found our course and it's been heartbreakingly beautiful ever since.

So happy 6th birthday to the little girl who slipped into our world with her big, brown eyes and big, huge heart and somehow managed to make everything even better than it was before.

I adore you. xo

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care, you made me cry for the 100000 time since you started writing my favourite blog!! wow....it's been 6 years!!

happy happy birthday maddie!! we love you!!
xoxbrandee rob o'shae & jayde

Posted by: brandee | Mar 30, 2012 7:42:38 PM

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