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March 26, 2012

She lost a tooth... & I can't find it

Mads has lost her first tooth.

When I say that she lost it, I mean that literally. It fell out sometime yesterday and we haven't been able to find it, which is very typical of us. We lose everything: School lunch forms, library books, even wedding rings from time to time. Why should a tooth be any different?

It all started a couple of weeks ago when she met me at the door as I got home from work: "I have a surprise!" she announced, bouncing up and down. I assumed it was a drawing from the dozens she churns out each day: Hearts and rainbows and traffic lights are her specialty at the moment. Instead she jutted out her jaw and wiggled her bottom teeth with a fingertip. "I have two loose teeth!"

And before I could even say anything, I was crying, standing there in the doorway with my coat still on. I crouched down for a better look and then hugged her until she squirmed away, skipping to the couch where she sat and bent her two tiny teeth back-and-forth with happy determination. She quickly adopted a new nickname, Toothy D, and has been calling herself that ever since.

Yesterday the first tooth finally fell out, though as I said we're not sure exactly where or when. Surprisingly, Mads isn't too worried about it. She's already drafted a note to leave for the Tooth Fairy, in lieu of the actual tooth:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost my tooth. I can't find it. If you find it, you can take it. If you don't find it, that's okay. I think maybe I swallowed it. Can you still give me money?

I love you,

Toothy D

There are the milestones we all know will happen: First smile, first steps, first day of school. And then there are the other ones that pass without you even knowing it until one day you watch her skipping ahead of you on the way to school and wonder, When did she stop holding my hand?

Those ones can be hard. But as much as I'll miss my little Mads with her tiny, crooked teeth, I do love these early glimpses of the big girl she's becoming.

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toothy d...i love it!!

Posted by: brandee | Mar 28, 2012 10:44:02 AM

I guess moms do have the same reaction regarding this situation. They tend to be more excited about the loose tooth of their little angels, which makes them emotional at times. But those are tears of joy though. By the way, where is that tiny lost tooth? Maybe it is somewhere in the house. Find it, find it! *grin*

Posted by: Corina Turner | Apr 5, 2012 3:53:20 PM

You should post some of Mads' drawings here sometimes. Well, if Mads' ever has a hard time getting the tooth to fall out, try giving her an apple or a cob of corn to chew on, or maybe some water to swish around her mouth. These will help loosen the tooth until it falls out.

Posted by: Elvera Matos | Apr 11, 2012 6:35:38 AM

It would be best if Toothy D visits her dentist every once in a while especially if a tooth fell out, since there's a possibility that the two teeth beside the fallen tooth might loosen. Anyway, some parents don't mind it since they can have the kids wear braces later on.

Posted by: Pierre Cardan | May 2, 2012 6:51:24 AM

I agree with Pierre's comment, but that goes only for those teeth that were pulled out with bare hands. Indeed, it can be dangerous for the teeth beside the fallen tooth. Since Mads’ tooth fell out naturally, there's no need to visit the dentist. It will grow back naturally. This is a milestone to keep for both of you.

Posted by: Savannah Moses | Jun 28, 2012 6:50:12 AM

Oh, I hope the other tooth would fall off soon! It would be nice to have them both grow at the same time. And don’t worry about being too emotional. There is always a time when mommies cry when they realize that their little girl is growing up fast. Better look for the missing tooth! That way, you can give it to your little girl and have her exchange it for a prize from the tooth fairy!

Posted by: Calandra Janocha | Jul 17, 2012 12:04:19 PM

The letter is cute! Haha. Don’t be sad about the lost teeth. Instead, count it as a memorable experience. Losing a tooth means growing up. Isn’t that exciting? You will soon have a grown up lady in your home.

Posted by: Jamie Silverio | Jul 25, 2012 12:13:37 PM

Indeed, the first fallen tooth is a milestone to keep. Savannah's right, you need not worry because it will grow naturally as she grows older. Toothy D must really like the tooth fairy. It was actually very sweet of her to write to the Tooth Fairy. :)

Posted by: Melisa Guyette | Sep 13, 2012 6:34:33 AM

I strongly agree with Melisa. As a matter of fact, I still keep a picture of me holding my first fallen tooth. :P If I were a tooth fairy, I'd grant Toothy D's wish for she is such a sweet child. :)

Posted by: Nannie Livingstone | Oct 11, 2012 8:10:25 AM

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